Selling  your toys could not be easier. The first thing to do is identify all the toys or childhood collectibles you wish to turn into cash. Don't forget to check in those "out of the way" areas like the attic, basement, top shelf (way in the back) closet, loft, barn, shed or backhouse. Maybe you left toys at your parents or grandmothers house years ago? Gather everything or anything, we can buy the entire collection or as little as one piece. If you are not sure about our interest, or if a particular item falls into the toy category, review the buying page or just simply ask us about it.

The next step would be to look over everything you have assembled and ask yourself one very important question. Am I comfortable living without these items?  We do not want you to have remorse for something you had second thoughts about after the sale, so please consider this carefully. It is our sincere desire to assist you in liquidating your excess "STUFF" in the most courteous and professional manner. If  you are able to part with your items you are ready to contact THE TOY BUYER.

You can do this in a number of ways.

CALL US  412-758-5841    Please leave message if necessary.

EMAIL to us ... click here to reveal our email address, this protects against spam robots...

OR fill out our CONTACT FORM and we will get in touch with you at your convenience.

Thank you for considering the Toy Buyer

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