What kind of toys do you buy ?

We buy almost any toy, antique all the way up through the end of the 1970's and in certain cases, beyond. We buy boys toys and girls toys. Trucks and Cars, toy soldiers, games, dolls anything that can be classified as a childhood collectible. If you are not sure, please review this page, or just simply contact us for more information.


What kind of condition must the toys be in?

It really doesn't matter, we buy toys in any state of condition. From pristine, in the original box, all the way down to the lowest collectible level. Toys that are incomplete or broken are still sought after to use in the repair of other toys. Please contact us before you even think of discarding something, you may be surprised.


Why do you want to buy toys?

We are a toy dealer. We buy, sell, collect and trade toys. We also cosign toys of high quality to auction. Your toys will end up in the hands of collectors who will preserve them for years to come.


How much will you pay for my toys?

This is the question most frequently asked. The amount we will pay for your toys depends upon a number of different factors, most importantly, condition. Toys that are in like new condition and have the original box will bring more than comparable examples in lesser condition. Rarity is also something to be considered. The harder a toy is to find, the more it will bring on the market. We pay dealer prices which is a percentage of the toys value to collectors. We think you will find us honest and fair.


How long have you been buying toys?

   We have over 20 years experience buying and selling toys, even longer as a collector.


I don't have transportation and/or the time to bring my toys for your evaluation, but I am considering selling.

Contact us and we can make arrangements, at a time of your convenience, to come to your location. We will assess your items and make an offer. We can travel up to and sometimes more than a 150 miles from Western Pennsylvania.


But I am completely out of town, hundreds of miles from your area. Can we still sell to you?
How would we accomplish this?

We will arrange for pickup and a Fedex or UPS man will stop at your door with a pre-paid shipping label. Once a deal is reached all you have to do is place the items in a box with a reasonable amount of packing material and wait for the doorbell. Payment for your items will be your choice of our company check in the mail or funds deposited in your confirmed PAYPAL account.


But you won't be able to see my toys.

It is true, it is much more difficult to deal this way, but not nearly impossible. If you are reading this online, there is a good chance you are able to send digital photographs. Printed photos can be sent via the US Mail. In some cases, your honest description over the telephone may even suffice. Before you worry about the details, contact us.


Do you do appraisals?

We can and will do an appraisal, at no cost or obligation, in discussion form.  We can do a formal written appraisal for a fee. Be warned, we will try to persuade you to sell, however we do ultimately respect your final decision.


I really could use the money but these toys have been in my family for a very long time, it is a difficult decision.

We understand. The sentential value of an item is something that no price can ever be put upon. We do not want you to have remorse for something you had second thoughts about after the sale, so consider carefully your decision to sell. Please remember that eventually your toys will make it into the hands of those who will cherish them. The end user in any "Collectible Market" will be the one who treats the items the best, proudly displaying and preserving them.


There is something else I want to ask but I have forgotten it for the moment or it is not addressed on this page?

Not a problem. We are here to answer any question. Any thing you think of and want to ask,  please just contact us. We love to talk about toys, you will find us very personable and if nothing else you will get some good "toy conversation"


Okay, Fine. Oh, one more thing, how do I get ahold of you again?

You can Email us through this CONTACT FORM and we will call you back, or just save the time and call us on the phone first. Our number is displayed on the large business card HERE. The Toy Buyer thanks you for considering us.



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