BUYING ALL OLD TOYS! CASH PAID. Call or Write! 412-758-5841, or CLICK HERE. Buying Playsets, Trucks & Cars, Dolls, Action Figures, and Childhood Collectibles, tops, yo-yo's, tin lithographed toys, sand buckets and beach toys. Higher price for in the box condition but we will purchase any and all toys from antique up until 1980. Some other examples are, cap guns and badges, battery operated toys, plastic toy soldiers and figures, cards and educational toys, cowboy and western toys, miniatures which include, dollhouse or Christmas layout, also Trains: Lionel, Marx, Hafner, American Flyer, Ives, CASH PAID, check your attic, your basement and storage area, turn idle assets into CASH! ESTATE SALE TOYS. We buy BROKEN Toys, Toy parts and partials, Games missing pieces, Model Kits, Cars, Monsters, Empty model boxes, model parts Revell, AMT, MPC or any kind of model ALL POP CULTURE PURCHASED, Vintage Bobble or Nodding heads, Nodders, Pocket transistor Radios, non-sports cards, pinbacks, old TV related items, Comics and Pulp fiction, Weird and/or unusual. Wanted to BUY, Toy robots, monsters and space toys, antique, baby boom or modern up to the 1980's. CASH PAID! NOT SURE? Give us a call. Free no obligation appraisal. Don't want to sell ? We take high quality consignments to offer in top venues like the We buy antique toys, cast iron, wood and penny toys. Also, photographs of toys and children with Santa. Christmas snapshots showing toys, railroad and train layouts, etc. CALL US! or EMAIL THE TOY BUYER. Title your Email TOY SALE to prevent it from going to spam.. TOYS! TOYS! TOYS!  Look Below for a TINY SAMPLE of things to look for.

Plesase Note:
We are not currently buying  late 80's and 90's action figures.
WE DO buy Mego, "Original 1977 Kenner" Star Wars and other "EARLY" Action Figures.

Having a Yard or Garage sale, CALL US FIRST, Moving or house sale, CALL US FIRST,

 Estate Liquidators CALL US FIRST, 2nd hand and junk dealers, CALL US FIRST.

 Cleaning up and tossing out? Not in the Western Pennsylvania - Eastern Ohio area? It doesn't matter, Don't Wait, CALL US FIRST


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